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Welcome to the Shirt Art QuoteBuilder
This is our custom catalog, filled with our picks of the best items available.

Don't see the style you want?
We have access to many more styles than shown here. If you don't find exactly what you want, go ahead and pick the closest item you see here and then mention what you're looking for in the 'Submit Quote' tab at the end. We'll help you find your exact style! (Also please note that we are currently in the process of adding many more styles to the QuoteBuilder).

Quote Form
For some items, such as shorts, hats and bags, the QuoteBuilder is not yet setup to work for them. You will need to use our Quote Form located here. We hope to add the functionality and styles to the QuoteBuilder soon.


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Alternate Styles
If you would like to add a few additional styles to get pricing on please select them below. Please note that the pricing will reflect all styles getting the same designs in the same size/locations. If you would like to alter this ask any questions in the 'Submit Quote' pane at the end.

Please note the Alternate Style lists are still being populated.
Alternate Style:

Alternate Style:

Alternate Style:

Full Front Left Chest Right Chest Back Print Left Sleeve Right Sleeve

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Enter your approximate total quantity. Please note that final pricing may be adjusted to better match final quantity.

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Please enter your contact info so that we can give you your price quote. Double check that your email address is correct before submitting.

Artwork File Upload
For uploading artwork files, please submit image files (.png, .jpg, .gif etc), .pdf files, photoshop, illustrator, or corel files (.psd, .eps, .ai, .cdr). Total size for all files combined can be no more than 15mb. If you are uploading multiple mb of files, please be patient and don't refresh your browser until you are notified the form is submitted. It can take several minutes. If your combined files are larger than 15mb, please send them to our regular email address or use a service such as dropbox.

Additional Notes
If you have any additional questions or comments, or if you were unable to create the exact quote request you were looking for, add that info to the "Additional Notes" section. Thank You!

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